Guidelines for the Artist, School, or Workshop

We recommend the following guidelines for schools, workshops, and artists:

  • While each model is free to negotiate their own rates, the standard rate is currently a minimum of $25 per hour with 3 hour minimum, with most schools and workshops are paying $27-30 an hour.
  • Cancellation Policy – If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, it is customary to pay your model in full, as they could have booked another job instead with more advance warning.
  • Please avoid having non-artist guests in the room while the model is on the stand.
    A clean environment is always appreciated.
  • No inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment.
  • Explicit permission from the model is required for any photography, even reference shots. Understand that it is customary for the model to charge a fee for such shots.
  • It is standard to offer a higher hourly rate for costume work, as the model will have extra preparation work and there may be costs involved.
  • Please have heaters and fans available for your model; you’ll get a higher standard of work out of them when they are comfortable.
  • It is customary for models to pose for 20-25 minutes, with a 5 to 8 minute break in between sets. It is also customary to provide one ten- to fifteen-minute break for every 3 hours worked.